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Background System

A studio would not be complete without a background support and its backgrounds. We offer you the choice between several kinds of background support systems, such as, portable background systems (telescopic background systems and auto-poles) wall mounted (electrical background supports and background assembling sets). Also, to complement your background support, we supply all types of backgrounds and backdrops, e.g. cloth backgrounds, paper backgrounds, foldable backgrounds and motif backgrounds. If for some reason, you cannot find what you are looking for, please contact us, to find the best solution!


FotoQuantum Metal chain
for expander

ColorQuantum Vinyl
Background Black 2.75x6m
(aluminium core) with
Background Support Set,
Metal chain

ColorQuantum Vinyl
Background 2.75x6m -
Black (with aluminium

ColorQuantum Vinyl
Background 1x1.5m - Grey

RRP: £ 15.18
£ 13.59
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RRP: £ 284.66
£ 255.00
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RRP: £ 213.49
£ 191.24
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RRP: £ 33.20
£ 29.74
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ColorQuantum Vinyl
Background 2x6m - Green
(with aluminium core)

ColorQuantum Vinyl
Background 2x6m - Grey
(with aluminium core)

FotoQuantum Telescopic
Background System 3m +
Cloth Backgrounds
Black/White 3x6m

FotoQuantum StudioTools
Telescopic Background
System 3.9m

RRP: £ 118.61
£ 106.24
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RRP: £ 118.61
£ 106.24
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RRP: £ 196.41
£ 175.95
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RRP: £ 94.88
£ 84.99
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