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Studio Flash Lighting

Man-made lightning! A MUST for every studio. We offer a variety of flashes with several power output between 55 Watts and 1,000 Watts with distinctive specifications such as easy power adjustments to suit your needs, e.g., FQ 250w (Bowens mount) and the FQ 500w (Bowens mount) . You can complement your equipment with accessories such as light modifiers, camera and macro flashes, sync tools, cables and radio triggers as well as portable lighting power. Not forgetting replacement accessories, e.g. modelling lamps and flash tubes.


FotoQuantum LightPro
Flash Unit FQM-500 Plus
(Bowens mount)

FotoQuantum Studio Flash
Kit FQM-500/500 Plus
(Bowens mount) with Light
Stands 2.5m + Softboxes
60x90cm & Flash Trigger

FotoQuantum Flash Kit
FQM-500 Plus (Bowens
mount) with Light stand
2.5m + Beauty Dish 42cm

FotoQuantum Studio Flash
Kit FQM-500/500W/250s
Plus (Bowens mount) with
Light stands 2.5m +
Softboxes 60x90cm &
Umbrella 110cm + Flash
Trigger FQM-816TX &
Studio Bag XL

RRP: £ 142.33
£ 127.49
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RRP: £ 426.98
£ 382.49
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RRP: £ 210.64
£ 188.69
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RRP: £ 607.26
£ 543.99
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FotoQuantum Studio Flash
Kit FQM-250/250 Plus
(Bowens mount) with Light
stands 2.5m + White
Translucent Umbrellas
110cm & Trigger FQM-816TX

FotoQuantum LightPro
Bowens S-Type Reflector

Power Station GX

FotoQuantum LightPro
Studio Flash Trigger

RRP: £ 313.12
£ 280.49
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RRP: £ 13.27
£ 11.89
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RRP: £ 734.74
£ 685.37
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RRP: £ 42.69
£ 38.24
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